My First (and only) Blog

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my page.  I have no idea how you got here, I probably posted a comment on NBC SportsTalk that either offended you or you thought was stupid. Well then Fuck You! No Im just kidding, relax!!! Life is short, enjoy the ride. Youre entitled to your opinion as am I.

I do tend to say controversial things but I attribute that to being rather intelligent so I seem to view things from a different perspective than most people. If you comment here I will not censor you. Post what you want.

Call me an asshole, call me an idiot, call me a genius(1% chance that happens), I dont care what you call me, Ill allow your comment to be posted. Theres probably a 99% chance Ill respond. Thats why Im here, to engage in colorful, spirited debate. Some would call it biased shit-talkin. Either way its fun!

Most, if not all, of my posts will be in response to a post at NBCSportsTalk. I use their App, which is convenient, more-so than the website. They have alot of stories on alot of sports topics provided on a fairly timely basis. If ESPN had a similar app and format, Id be there. Im not a fan of NBC, nor am I a fan of most of their “writers” – I put that in quotes because they’re really just bloggers. I think they censor too many comments and they’re too inconsistent with what parameters they use to allow or disallow comments to go through.  They also ban people from posting on their stories ever again. Talk about communism! Have some balls and learn how to deal with criticism! I am not a writer. I am not a blogger. Im just a guy with a forum to voice his opinion. You can do the same and I wont get my panties in a wad and ban you from commenting on my blog.  Thats basically what pushed me to the point of doing this. Im tired of having my comments censored and my usernames banned so Ill just reblog the shit they post over there and say whatever the fuck I want about it.

So here we go, lets try this thing. See if I can piss someone off enough to come talk shit to me, maybe even follow me! Ha! Yeah right.